What Happens At Death? 2

by Catherine butterfly

The spirits of these lower spheres often greatly harass people in the world. 
But the only ones that they can injure are those who are like in mind to themselves, 
who of their own free will open their hearts to entertain them. 
These evil spirits, by allying themselves with other evil spirits, 
would do immense harm in the world were it not that God has appointed
innumerable angels everywhere for the protection of His people, 
and of His creation, so that His people are always safe in His keeping.

Evil spirits can injure only those in the world who are like in nature to themselves,
and then they can do it only to a limited extent. 
They can, indeed, trouble the righteous, but not without Gods permission. 
God sometimes does give to Satan and his angels permission to tempt and persecute His people, 
that they may emerge from the trial stronger and better, as when He allowed Satan to persecute His servant Job. 
But from such a trial there is gain rather than loss to the believer.   

Another of the saints standing by added in reply to my question,
Many whose lives have not been yielded to God, when about to die, seem to become unconscious; 
but what actually happens is that when they see the hideous and devilish faces of the evil spirits that 
have come about them, they become speechless and paralyzed by fear. 
On the other hand the dying of a believer is frequently the very opposite of this. 
He is often extremely happy for he sees angels and saintly spirits coming to welcome him. 
Then, too, his loved ones, who have died before, are permitted to attend his deathbed, 
and to conduct his soul to the spiritual world. 
On entering the world of spirits he at once feels at home, for not only are his friends about him, 
but, while in the world he had long been preparing himself for that Home by his trust in God and fellowship with Him.

After that a fourth saint said, To conduct the souls of men from the world is the work of angels.
Usually the Christ reveals Himself in the spiritual world to each one in degrees of glory 
differing in intensity according to the state of each souls spiritual development. 
But in some cases He Himself comes to a death-bed to welcome His servant, 
and in love dries His tears, and leadshim into Paradise. 
As a child born into the world finds everything provided for its wants, 
so does the soul, on entering the spiritual world find all its wants supplied.
At last I understood what happens when the souls return and the body dies.
No more do I have to be afraid because of the satanic lies.
Resist the devil and Give God the praises because we know the devil is a lie.

to be continued 3 

What Happens At Death? 2 by Catherinebutterfly

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