Their Aids And Our Aids

by Catherinebutterfly

It's like it's their AIDS and our AIDS

Everyone have a form of AIDS.

I donít care how much they claim to be saved.

AIDS doesn't kill, the problems that evokes from AIDS does

So much Selfishness and Hate we've got an abundance of everything.

easily we can feed all those in need.

people are starving, no lack of food dying of thirst.

no lack of water it's part of the earth.

we destroy to keep prices up while we tear our brothers down.

People starving to death all over the world is for sure a lack of love.

So much money till it ain't funny.

They canít use it, and they wonít give it to those that can,

They rather bury them then offer a helping hand.

so much lack of love for your families and honeys

Incredible wealth the money is there

But no one cares.

So many lonely people dying like flies

So much fear of rejection crying inside

So much fear, lack and limitation.

Everyone has a form of AIDS.

When you listen to their conversations.

Youíll know what I mean. 

We got in this world some mean human beings.

we live in fear of a nuclear holocaust 

in a world that everyone wants to be the boss.

we create wars and torture others

we abuse our bodies and blame it on the Lord, 

our families, sisters and brothers our fathers and our mothers.

cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and sex 

Our air polluted with poison chemicals man made.

so many creators have slain others and placed them in unknown graves.

Land stripped of vegetation unfit for any life form. 

Millions of dollars could bell them out.

sitting in banks, buying pleasure, of sex, alcohol and dope. 

Why so many starve and suffer where is Am I My Brothers Keepers?.

everyone has a from of AIDS

if you think I'm lying go the cemetery and look at the graves.

starvation, alcohol, chemicals and drugs, even decreed a food shortage

Where is Love?

Millions are dying, declaring there's never enough

the wealthy leaves billions behind when they enter the rich soils of mother earth,

from the dust they came and the dust return

couldn't take it with them had to leave it behind

AIDS doesnít kill it's babies (off springs) does.. 

It ainít got no heart to love.

And nor does many of us.

Millions sitting in banks, oil wells down the road, starvation next door.

Should I say any more?

Millions of dollars and your neighbor die.

Medicine no cash, no recover.

Their Aids And Our Aids by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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