The Recent Graduate

by Erika Catiz

Endless Newspaper Ads
Classified fads that sugar coat
B.S. $10.00/hour stuffing envelope jobs
Make my head swell and throb with discontent
What good are temp agencies that
Want to test my degree and browbeat
My intelligence, If jobs that they find
Are a nickle more than "Aint enough"
Minimizing even further my wages
Yet my search continues through
Light bright sun burnt mornings and
Passes through the the tired streets of
Rush hour traffic, when husbands and
Wives return to family lives
While in route, my knees buckle
And I chuckle at all the stress
And the facial wrinkles from my fake
Smile down to the Fake voice
I struggle to put on for interviewers,
No matter rather telephone or in person
Yo, I'm burned out without a doubt
Yet all everybody cares about is
What are I am going to do now?
So many suggestions and questions
I'm getting indigestion from swallowing
Hot air out of the mouths of shady ones
Who swear they care about my struggles
But my brain doesn't get muddled
Because the stain is in my pockets
So that's where my focus is.

The Recent Graduate by Erika Catiz

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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