Economically Harrassed

by Erika Catiz

Green line, Southbound El
All types of people hear the yell,
"Six pairs of socks- Five dollars,
Egyptian Musk, Lagerfield-Type oils,
Pink and Purple barretts, Elastic
or Plastic ponytail holders, clips
for the girls with hair on their shoulders,
Buy some, try some, Need some?
Three for one $$!
Extension cords, opium type incense cones,
tapes (90 minutes ya'll)...5 dollars,"
What you need the brother has because
He has been economically harrassed!
"Brutha can you spare a quarter?
"Sistuh can you give a dime?"
But it sickens them to hear the uncaring
thoughts from your mind
(Nigga...get a damn job!!!)
Ever stop to think that he's been robbed
of the chance you had, as your kids pass
with smirks and sarcastic smiles
Because you never taught your child
Not to laugh at the less fortunate
You never really meant
for your child to see the people on the El's
On the corner, on the street, Everyday people
with lethal circumstances while the
bourgeouis' prances arrogantly around
Pointing and snickering at the
nickle and dime hustler, or the Streetwise
selling brother, as he makes his money
and tells the world to kiss off,
but with class, he'll do what he must
to stop being economically harrassed.

Economically Harrassed by Erika Catiz

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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