In His Infinite Wisdom

by Carmen

In his infinite wisdom, 
when God created man 
he created him with the ability to love and to receive love.
Man in his need to dominate and take control 
has many times forgotten the fine art of loving, 
sometimes he has to be reminded.
As I look into your eyes and gaze into your soul 
let me remind you of your need to receive love 
and the necessity of your soul to give love.
First, there has to be a need, do I have to ask, 
or is that need so deep within that you have yet to recognize it?
Remember, desire and lust cannot and does not 
substitute when the need for love is present.

In his infinite wisdom, 
when God created woman he instilled in her 
the ability to bring out the best in man 
for whom she was created to compliment,
He gave her sensitivity and a tenderness to soften 
the rugged nature of man and to ease his tension 
and relax his soul when it was needed.
Do you sometimes feel such a need, to be close, 
for that gentle side of your nature to be stroked 
and to gently feel the tension eased from your body?

In his infinite wisdom, 
God created man and woman to balance each other, 
to strengthen and provide endurance when the other is less able.
If I may, what strength may I provide to you, 
what passion may I invoke when the need becomes apparent?
What do I do when in my mind's eye I see you 
looking at me with desire and warmth?
What do I do when I close my eyes and recall your mouth on mine, 
kissing me with a fire that ignites all the way to the essence of my being?
What do I do when I awake every night alone, needing you beside me, 
just for the sheer comfort of knowing you are by my side?
How do I hold back the tears when my loneliness for you 
becomes more than I can endure, until I give in to the torrents 
to clear my heart......until the next time?
And why am I afraid to ask if my love for you is one sided, 
or do you feel just a little of what I feel for you?

In his infinite wisdom, 
God gave us an array of emotions, 
perhaps he should have given us instructions on how to use them wisely, 
so as not to hurt those that we love the most,
He also gave us understanding and patience, 
and even with all the love that I feel in my heart for you, 
it's that patience and understanding that keeps me going.
On this day, the Anniversary of your Birth, remember with age comes awareness,
And should you feel something tugging at your heartstrings, 
it just may be your soul pulling your resistance out of the way.

In His Infinite Wisdom by Carmen

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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