Praises Forthcoming

by Carmen

She held up her hands and looked at them hard
There lay the proof, the finallity of her worth
Fingers bent now worthless, from clinging to a
  life now badly scarred
Once those hands helped to mode young minds,
  prepare them for life,
Massaging out the deformities that could creep 
  up and spoil
And gently guiding their steps so as to cope 
  with bitterness and strife
Then she looked down at her breast, sagging and
  very dry
Remembering a favorite loved one who caressed 
  them with tenderness
Oh, how wonderful and satisfying she returned
  the touch
And gave to him a full life of happiness never
  having to wonder why,
Touching her belly so gently, brung forth
  memories of pain and joy,
of the many children she gave to this world
A world of harshness and cruel bluntness
A world that took out its anger on a lonely
  crying boy
Recalling his death, she reached down and
  touched her legs
Knowing how they carried her swiftly, running 
  to be with her boy who had just died
And they carried her to the injustice of a
  world who didn't care
Who didn't care about his dignity or his strong
  sense of pride
Again looking at her hands and reviewing all
  she had touched
Remembering the many, many years of her life
And there in those hands she could see the
  lines of struggle and it was much
Yes, she bowed her head in those hands now
  shakey and bent
and the tears started falling for all her
Where was her reward for a life that was now
Before she lay down to give up a life that
  seemed meaningless and lost
Her heart yearned for an answer, the price
  would be worth the cost.

Praises Forthcoming by Carmen

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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