MMM (Martin, Malcom, Medgar)

by Carmen S. Hill

They scream from the graves through the spirits of kin
encouraging brothers to embrace from within
little black babies need guidance, need hope
parents need comfort and a reason to cope

Four hundred years of slavery was wrong
black folk is no lost but need to belong,
Don't kill my dream and call me your brother
where else can we go if we don't have each other

Africa was home but now we are here
along with the grief, bloodshed and tears,
Let's turn it around you know that we can
it's up to us, it's in our hands.

The "Pledge" was made, will the promises be kept
in spite of their watching our every step,
How many tears do we have to shed
shaming our ancestors looking over our heads,
Is this what they died for, was this part of the dream,
What was the March for, didn't we ask to be redeemed?

Close your eyes and envision a place
where unity abounds in a future you face
Stop killling each other, stop putting on airs,
the motherland of old taught us to care,
Quit blaming each other, quit blaming the man,
instead look at yourself and make some demands.

What happened to us, don't we believe in our race
of black men and women prominent and with grace,
With such eloquence they spoke of justice with pride,
and with humility they realized a goal, and they died.

Destruction of the black man we neve will see
The wisdom of the village calls to me and you.

MMM (Martin, Malcom, Medgar) by Carmen S. Hill

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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