I Heard The Children

by Carmen S. Hill

I heard the children, I heard them cry
I heard when they screamed and I saw where they died
I heard the mothers whose anguish was great
 and I saw the fathers who handled their fate
I saw the injustice of poverty and greed
I saw the children that followed their lead
I heard the teachers who taught and inspired
 a generation of children and never got tired
I saw the neighborhoods and I saw the pain
I saw the results of what that stuff could bring
I saw the protestors struggling to keep
what was rightfully theirs and those struggles  were deep
I saw civil rights explode with full force      directing our minds to go a certain course
I saw inner cities develop and expand
And I saw "their" control take it out of our hands
I saw the frustration of unemployment and low pay
I heard their rage and saw the futility of their day
I heard the gunshots and saw the gangs where they roam
I saw the children who deserve a better home
I saw the abusers of white powder go free
and abusers of the "rock" sometimes justice can't see
I saw young black women out walking the street
I saw single black mothers working hard on their feet
I saw respect for our blackness being taken away
with no where to turn what do I say?
I saw the faces of the old and the young
and I saw them struggle so hard to become
I hid my tears away from my own
I wanted to have joy and peace in my home
I watched a community and now I know why
I heard the children, I heard them cry.


I Heard The Children by Carmen S. Hill

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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