A Little Girl Looked At Me

by Carmen S. Hill

A little girl looked at me with eyes so soft and brown
Her clothes were tattered, soiled and ripped
but her question was eerie, profound
"Where is my daddy?" she wanted to know in a lost and lonely whisper
Why did they put him in that big black bag and then she started to shiver
It was cold outside and people hurried past not giving her a glance
Yet, she persisted and continued to ask projecting a haunting stance
"He told me to stay here, said he'd be right back, and went to see his friend
I played the game I usually do, but he took so long, so I tried to find a pen
to leave a note to tell him that I had to go, because I really did you know
But when I got back all these people were here and I didn't know where to go
Where is my daddy, is he playing a game like hide and seek for grown-ups
Because if that's what he's doing I won't tell he's in there in a bag inside a truck
Mama went away, but he takes care of me, though sometimes he leaves me alone
He brings back food, tells me stories, sing songs, and how someday he'll buy me a home
Hey, the truck is leaving with my daddy inside, did he forget that I'm waiting for him
And as I took her hand and led her aside, I saw the light in her eyes had grown dim
Briefly the fear that eased its way through, engulfed her and she started to cry
And she said very softly through shoulders that shook, "why my daddy, why?"
As the minutes ticked on and I led her away to whatever her future might be
I'll never forget the pain in those eyes of this little girl who looked at me.

A Little Girl Looked At Me by Carmen S. Hill

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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