Dear Whitney

by 1stPoet

You are beautiful inside and out A rose planted in the center of "God's" garden He loves to hear you sing, it pleases him your voice touches souls "God" wants all of you he can heal a heart when the world counts him out He wants a testimony to shine the light and you are the star shining bright Come give him back his gift in you, you're bigger than the world "God" created your voice to reach the angels and himself in the heavens Walk away and rest in him he'll take care of you and always be there when you need a hug Whitney he's your crown and King remember him from your youth he was your coach and biggest fan The world took you from him and now he wants you back "God" wants to finish what he started the path of his righteousness Reaching souls for him using the gift to guide his children home We love you and pray for you we come against the enemy with a three strand chord "God, Yahshua, and the Holy Spirit" We demand that the enemy release the chains by the blood of "Yahshua" That your voice would be elevated to the highest pitch that the human ear has never heard Let your beauty so shine that the world would see his perfection of mercy and grace "Yahshua" wants to restore you to your rightful place resting in the center of "Gods" garden singing his praises ******** Dedicated to Whitney Houston Resteration of his Praise

Dear Whitney by 1stPoet

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