The Nile

by 1st Poet

The legacy of a great people
Kings and Queens our first history teachers
Dynasties built thousands of years before the invasion of Europeans
Wealth peace and harmony we had knowledge on the Nile
Destroyed by evil hands of the Romans and Greeks
Our history Locked in vaults and protected by Priest
Wealth stolen and taken around the world and showcased in museums
Our people sold into slavery to become free labor
Come to the Nile and see for yourselves
We are a great people chosen by "God" to be one of the twelve tribe of Israel
Yet the church has chosen to conceal the identity of the true Hebrew people
"Enoch" walked with "God" for three hundred years
Yet his books were left out of the bible 
could this have been a conspiracy because of what he reveals 
From Adam he was the seventh seed and Noah was his Great Grandson
Abraham was the 28th generational seed  
You do the math and form your own opinion

The Nile by 1st Poet

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