by 1st Poet

Brother man if you only realize you canít walk this path alone
You need "God" every moment every second you breath
Brothers some of us need to change the way we think 
"God" still wants to use ordinary people
Donít be deceived by what you see flashing and flaunting 
material gains to "God's" people
Making it seem like you got be in with the clique 
"God" wants to use any yielding servant 
whoís willing to submit to his will
To keep the vision alive through his written word 
Itís ok to get discouraged by what you hear 
learn how to discern truth from fiction
The first step is submission not to man but to "God" 
Yield over to him your negative thoughts trust him with your heart
Learn to pray for wisdom to guide your every footstep 
Donít worry "God" is still in control
Stay strong brother "God" will wipe the tears from your eyes 
Turn away from wickedness and live right
Donít be afraid to cry out "God" wants to hear from you all the time 
Open up heís trying to get through
Donít fret because of your skin 
Itís not whatís on the outside itís whatís within
God created all men to be a reflection of him

Stressed by 1st Poet

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