Preacher Man Faking

by 1st Poet

Look at  Preacher man guiding us with a gentile script
Selectively teaching misguiding the people with that "Willie Lynch" mentality
Caught up in the hype of a "Greek and Roman" teaching 
To scared to learn about self  because of fear
Trapped in the mind set using the slave master's tools
Material gains to pleasure self 
building a global empire teaching untruths to his own people
Preacher Man Faking
He Knows he's disobeying "Torah" by not teaching truth
Over looking the true name of "Yahushua"
He's confused with himself as he obtain ill gotten wealth
Stressing 10% from the pulpit from the true descendants of Y'sra"el  
Preacher Man Faking
Too much taking caught up in the man made Tradition
Bowing down to a system of denomination cultivation

Preacher Man Faking by 1st Poet

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