by 1st Poet

You call me the N word as if I donít care
Yelling at the top of your Lungs N get out of here
I can see it your eyes when you get mad N thatís it youíre fired
You deny me a loan when I walk in your store 
N let me see your credit score
Sorry you donít qualify you need not apply 
try again later when itís brought up higher
When I come through the door to get an application for place to stay 
you take application fee and say N we will call you later
When Iím on the job I see how you Europeans promote yourselves 
looking at me saying N this isnít your business
Hanging on the corner chilling with a friend whatís up my N my boy yells
Not realizing how stupid it sounds with that Willie lynch mentality
Why donít we care what we say to each other 
why canít we greet each other with whatís up my king
No this isnít no dream we got keep having the courage to change 
keeping the vision of our ancestors alive
Our children must see us speaking to each other in a positive manner
Stop using words like N trying to make glamorous
Come on my king donít tear down the ancestorís dream 
find your strengths in God and change
Letís not allow anyone to disrespect our community in which we live
We can no longer force feed our people knowledge that is not correct
Even if you are living the American dream we must teach our people the truth in love
Money, power and wealth itís all within our reach 
we canít be greedy by doing disrespectful things to ourselves to get it
Cloaked in this Eurocentric dynasty obtained by thievery
You can never do evil and expect God to honor your deeds
We must repent as a nation and let God have dominion over everything we create 
after all it belongs to God any way

Niggerology by 1st Poet

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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