I Deserve To Be Free

by 1st Poet

I am the last of the south to not have a vote
Some citizens frown upon me saying I was created to serve the Federal Goverment
I cry out to America that I contribute my share I pay taxes like everyone else
Why should I not have a  Senator or Congress person to vote for me?
I Deserve To Be Free
Can anyone hear me please help set me free
I'm a citizen in these United States like everyone else
Statehood now for the District Of Columbia
Do the right thing set the record straight 
Show the citizens of the Nation's Capital America cares
I Deserve To Be Free
Every Representitive from all the states enjoy the fruits of Washington DC everyday
Citizens from out of state come to this great city and enjoy my attractions
Yet there's no commuter taxes to help pay for the attractions
I say again I pay my share of taxes yet I can't vote on the floor in Congress
I Deserve To Be Free 

I Deserve To Be Free by 1st Poet

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