Don't Take My Dreams

by 1st Poet

People said I couldn't do it all I did was dream
No one believed in me but this small voice inside
Kept saying you got to trust God don't let life rob you of what you were created for
Kick down that door don't be scared to reach for more
You were made in Gods image you are expected to do great things in the world
Who created this world system plan was it man and did God not give him the plan?
We got to understand God can tear it down build it again
Don't Take My Dreams
I'm going to keep pushing ahead and I'll bring as many as I can
encourage them to believe in themselves listen to that positive voice within
God wants the world to know he can do great things 
with ordinary people if only they would yield
Love can over rule and kill that which is evil remember the saying 
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
We got to discern and hear God trying to get through
So go ahead dream my brother my sister it's true
God wants to use you if only you let him through  

Don't Take My Dreams by 1st Poet

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