Don't Let ME Become Desensitized About My Black Brothers

by 1st Poet

Every day when I get up I share a tear for my black brothers
Trying to survive this economic pressure feeling we got to make a dollar by any means necessary
We need to go back to our ancient past to care for one another instead of thinking only about ourselves
All across America we are dying every hour killing each other for that old mighty dollar
Every jail system in this land filled to capacity with African American men
who will spend most of their natural life caged like that of an animal 
No chance of reaching their full potential as life passes by looking out of a cell door
Brothers I love you lets not continue to die lets find ways to love each other and learn from our mistakes
Lets get back to creating and using our hands to create constructive things
Creating a future and better living conditions for our childrens children
I got mine you need to  get yours that type of mentality have destroyed us
Some how we have become desensitized to each others struggles
come on brothers lets pull together no more of our lives taken away
Lets pray and weep for the least of us raise the value of our commitment towards one another
Speaking about truth love and harmony spiritual oneness collectively in togetherness
Lets sound the arlarm against this great nation demanding respect from our young strong black nation
Lets not run from them instead embrace them give them the love that's needed
Men let's adopt a brother that's missing that father figure
Stand in the gap doing the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus 

Don't Let ME Become Desensitized About My Black Brothers by 1st Poet

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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