Don't Be Mad

by 1st Poet

Don't be mad because I don't think like you
Act like you, talk like you, write like you
Don't be mad because I think outside the box
I say a lot of stuff that others want to say 
but to  politically scared to speak out
Don't be mad because I'm not scared to speak up
Tell them white folk I'm tired of the way they treat us
Don't be mad because I'm exspressing myself mixing words 
stretching verbs using my street smarts to be heard
Pissing off them right wing Negroes who think like Europeans
Who bought into the hype and lie about this American Dream?
When they know it's only for those who conform 
to the vision of the Euro mind set
Dont be mad because I'm not scared to say I love God in Jesus name
I'm not scared to research information about my ancestors legacy
Don't be mad because I expose some of our so called leaders
Who talk out both sides of their mouth telling us one thing behind the door?
Then when they get in front of white folk they dance like uncle new Tom
Don't be mad because you want to say what I say but to scared 
Which makes me believe you may have seen them sheet of the KKK
I'm here to serve notice this a new day 
God is taking those who were once counted out cast aside thrown away
To rise up and make a difference in this world 
to expose the darkness in his people 
despite the so called agenda of the Americas
Don't be mad I'm just writing what God is revealing to me 
to help set the captives free
Let the chains of suffrage be broken off Gods people 

Don't Be Mad by 1st Poet

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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