A Brother's Love

by 1st Poet

Dear sibling I want you to know
I love you and I write this poem in love
As I sit here thinking about life 
Iím over shadowed about our relationship as brothers
How you allow worldly things to come between us such as your drug habit 
You bring my heart so much sadness that I canít help you through it
Because you shut me out of the picture of your portrait
I see the sadness when I look in your eyes 
The buried secrets you keep inside locking me out of your life
A Brothers Love
Is the greatest of all we want to protect you from all lifeís harm? 
Better yet give me the bullet and let me fall
Donít let this lifeís mistakes come between us at all
Together we can beat this temporary set back I know itís hard
Donít let life rob you of your purpose in God
A Brother's Love

A Brother's Love by 1st Poet

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