Be Strong Be Wise

by 1st Poet

Life is harmony in tone with the spirit of YAH
His words are wisdom and his statutes are true
A source of guidance for everyday life
Prayer is the key to communicate with the father
Prayer is the key to get answers from YAH

Be Strong Be Wise

Research knowledge of self yield to El Yah and live a life of righteousness  
Call on the name of Elohim he is the illumination of "Melek Yahoshua" 
spirit of light to all men
Come all who are bound by "sin" open your heart and allow the "Abba" in.
My inherited children my crown and "Glory"
Come all who are burden, Come all who are of thirst
Drink from the fountain of truth the "Torah" from "Yahweh Elohim"
The creator who sent his only son they hung in a tree 
he was light unto a dark world full of "sin"

Be Strong Be Wise

Y'sra'el you are the children of YAH 
Your name is written on the twelve gates of "Shamayim"
Remember the time of long ago never forget the words "Musa" spoke

Be Strong Be Wise by 1st Poet

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