by 1st Poet

You can't conceive you have been deceived
Taught to depend on the master out of need
Programmed to forget your own history over time
Told you were a salvaged people you need this Europeans image to save you to get to heaven
You can't remember your own Messiah "Yahoshua" the true Hebrew Israelite
You have been programmed to believe and follow a Greek name
Come out from among them and learn the truth about yourself
You have been programmed for over four hundred years
All other nations rule over you because you refuse to believe you are the lost sheep
Yet some of you teach and preach to gain favor among men
Refusing to teach the truth about "Yahoshua" you close your eyes to the truth
But you speak to "Yahoshua" as if he's Greek ignoring his teaching he taught your ancestors to teach
He's coming the time is drawing near who shall stand before him and call him by another name?
"God" spoke to our ancestor "Moses" and said tell them "I AM that I AM" have sent thee
I AM sent "Yahoshua" into the earth to redeem his lost sheep
He made a covenant with "Abraham" that all nations must come through his ancestral line Believe

Believe by 1st Poet

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