Angry Black Preacher

by 1st Poet

You seem to be an expert knowing the things of "God"
It's funny you won't teach who we really are in the Bible
Cleverly you teach through European eyes 
secretly collecting that faith base seed 
from the government you go super star
Filling up your collection plates 
yet you won't take a stand on any issue concerning your community

Angry Black Preacher

Racism is alive and it's in the church yet you won't accept that fact
You preach calling us socially irresponsible because of the things you hear
Yet you ignore the economic condition brought on by racism
To keep us in submission to be in oppression 
You won't teach about these things because of fear

Angry Black Preacher
You obtained your wealth from the poor when you first started your church in that urban hood
Then you moved out to the suburbs to be seen and heard
Leaving the community that needed you the most
But as usual you weren't listening to them poor folks

Angry Black Preacher

Ok you say you are Blessed I won't deny that
Please believe it's not personal but then again maybe it is
I'm tired of all these prosperity teacher "opps" I meant deceivers!

Angry Black Preacher by 1st Poet

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