Say Brotha

by Carlos F. Carter

say brotha!,
how come you never catch my eye as
i greet you when you walk by
i feel your breeze as cool as the wind
blows thru the leaves on the trees
for like the trees you give me shade
and then, i become one like the invisible
men, now when
the white man comes along  you catch
his eye and sing that ole song that was passed so wrong from a
generation lost a top ten hit called "yessah boss"
and the blood of many have paid the cost

say brotha!,
how come you pass me up on promotions
and give up notions that i can't do the job
so you give it to "bob"  who's safe and wont rob for you can't show
favor for the ones with black flavor
it's a shame that the game has brought you to this point

say brotha!
how come the "sistas" don't turn you on
anymore, you've forgotten how they loved
you when you was poor
brought you food and gave you a place
to rest, built you up to encourage you to
do your best,  now the  "sistas" are just a memory of forgotten style
and quality

how can this be my brotha?
why can't we see each other?
are the lights so dimly lit in the corners or your mind
that you can barley see the faces of your own kind
so many have died that we not forget the unity that brought us through

say brotha!,
when i see you walkin by, i'm gonna always tip my head
you'll never be looked upon as one of the walking dead
i'm not afraid or ashamed to let it be known
we all are brothas in this fight and we take care of our own

Say Brotha by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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