Same Ole' Sh**!

by Carlos F. Carter

After a frustrating day of hard work and unappreciation, Margarete steps off of the subway with her tired feed aching for relief and her aching head begging for forgiveness for shutting down on her at today's 9am meeting with unexplained figures in her monthly report. She's on her way home to reward her 37 year-old body with a soothing bubble bath along with some scented candles and low-volumed jazz from the radio and zinfandel wine to ease her mind with I forgive you's for today's temporary absence.

But as Margarete steadily journeys towards her home almost making it there, "Pwwweeeeewheeeeee!!!", someone whistles, and as she turns to greet this rudeness she recognizes the assailant. Its young Marvin from around the way. 25 and still wants to play and she ain't feelin it.

"Ohhhhhhh! lawwwwd!"

"Here he comes with that same ole sh**!"

"Wazzup! baby!?!" Hmmmm! U lookin good taday."

"Yeah?!, so what did I look like before?, cat food?"

"Ha ha ha ha!, girl uza trip. So look here, hows bout me and you hook up later and do some thangs. Just run those digits by me and i'll call u later for tha start of something beautiful."

"No thank you, I gave you my "digits" before, don't you remember?", when I was in need ova fella and I was feelin like "Stella".

"Naw baby!, I didn't forget, it's just i don't recall what i did with it, thats all."

"So my phone number wasn't important enough to keep or remember, is that it?"

"Naw, naw!, it's just that I don't remember what I did with it. Come on!, let me have it again and this time I wont loose it."

Margarete shouts. "Oh please! Just stop! You know and I know you have no interest in me or getting to know me other than playing mommie and daddy in the sheets. No!, make that mommie and Jr. furthermore you make me sick. Comin round me with your pants hangin down round your ass, hair in braids and your always smellin like just played basketball funk and ridin a bike." "You show no respect for a sister tryin to make a way out of no way, lookin for some support from a brother with a lil sense and self respectability to approach a woman with a bit of kindness as she walks down the street." "I dont need no wannbe gangsta, bike ridin, unshaven but PHINE!, braided hair 'boy' comin round me with complications."

Marvin replies, "Daaaammnnn! girl" "whats up wit dat attitude?" "you was widdit now ya quit it!" "Please understand, I wont force ya hand towards me. I'm just a brother tryin to give U a compliment and send ya on ya way and all I gets is venom." "I told you. I must have forgot the fuckin numba!" "I may have lost it playin B-ball or in the wash or some sh** like dat. You don't hafta be dissin me like dat, i aint the plague and i don't hafta beg for ya time and attention.

Margarete replies, "Ummmhmmm!" it's "sh**" like that, that keeps me movin on, and if you think this is all about a phone number you still don't have clues, so "poof" begone and take yo funk with ya before reality finaly falls on your triflin ass."

"Ahhhhh!, to hell wit this, you the triflin one BITCH!, with a backpack fulla anger fo yo own past mistakes with the brothas." With only one word, Marvin unleashes the hounds of hell from this black woman for which he shows no real great concern.


Marvin replies, "A bitch!" B-I-T-C-H! BITCH! U think you better than me, NOT!" Ya betta check the Dow Jones baby! My sh*t's, high on the market and risin every day, humph!, you better ask around and recongnize maybe then you'll realize that I got the prize you idolize when ya open ya eyes from wet dreams at night." Marvin says all this while holdin on to his prize posession in his baggy pants as if make sure its still there as Margaret pulls her anger together for patients with this man-boy has run out. She cries, "JESUS!", move my feet and steady my hands and put Gods' grace at my command for this boy has done went there and he neither cares or knows of what he speaks or what I speak of!"

"TCH!" to hell with this and you!" Marvin shouts in final frustration, "I'll go and find me a white chick, she'll appreciate my time and efforts, and "funk", plus like i said, you aint all that!"

"Ohhh! Mr. Man go find you white queen cause when she brings ya home to daddy you'll see what i mean, and make sure you wear those same baggy pants and braided hair, i want you at your "best" when she takes you there. You'll be one less black male fool for us "sistas" to worry bout or even try to reform. We can get back to reality, back to the norm. Now!, out of my way!, i have a bubble bath with my coochies name on it!" Seeya!"

Margarete takes flight and soon vanishes from the young mans sight. He just stares aloof as she walks away and thinks to himself. "Man!, I tell ya!" "Ya try as ya might to do wat ya think is right. black woman say ya comin on too strong and all wrong." But black man just tryin to run down a line to a hoe thats legit. "bitches be breakin ya down wit that same ole sh**!"

Same Ole' Sh**! by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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