Rememba Me(?)

by Carlos F. Carter

rememba me(?),
i'm the one who sold their soul
and hung from the trees
in the cool evening breeze
that you may grow old to see
equality in a world thats free,
too bad it has yet to be
as we have died to see

our fighting has been forgotten.
our sacrifices made
and the price we've paid
in blood, sweat and tears
seems to have been forgotten
throughout all these years

you've forgotten to put that ache in your back
to keep unity on track
and never to falter
at the altar
of togetherness
now look at this mess you're in
go back to the finish
to find out how to begin

then you will rememba
the price of a slave
was made for a grave
the love we saved
was for you to rememba
what to do in times of trouble
and adversities
chillun please,
rise up off your knees
to support and uplift your sista
and your brotha
and to  re-learn to love
and respect one anotha

do you rememba me now?

I'm the one who came to show you how
to tattoo truth, dignity, and honor to your body,
to pierce the speeches of martin, marcus, medgar,
and malcolm to your tongues,
and  not forget the flowers that were hung
from trees so long ago
that never got a chance to bloom,
time to put hate aside
and give them room to grow,
in your heart and mind
i am the memories that live thru time
that navigates you to the unmarked graves
of a forgotten crew
whose ghosts has written instructions
for you to continue...
rememba me
as i rememba you.

Rememba Me(?) by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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