Pilot Light

by Carlos F. Carter

i love him,
even though he treats me like shit
he gives me good lovin i can't EVER forget
he comforts my head with a back hand lick
to make sure it sticks who's the one
with the you know what i'm talkin bout
i don't really care though,
he can make me feel no worst than his spit
just long as he keeps my pilot light lit
i'll learn to forget the shit,
the lick and the spit, cause i love him

she loves me,
even though she gets on my nerves and i on hers
but, she has a house, a car and a body with curves
all i got is a strong back and good serves
i takes ALL her money and soothe her with words,
then put on my face that says
"please don't disturb" and yeah,
sometimes i have to  give her a back hand lick
when she's seems loss,
so she won't ever forget who's
the man and  who's boss
she's all the time sayin that "i'm so fulla shit",
wasn't sayin it them
times when her pilot light was lit

Her again:
i killed him,
i loved him once and now he's gone
the memory of him between my thighs still lingers on,
but, there was too much shit and too many back hand licks,
then there's this otha girl who's been gettin my kicks
i always said he was so fulla shit
now as i rot in this prison cell i won't ever forget,
there's more to your life than gettin your pilot light lit.

Pilot Light by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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