Oh Blk Woman, Oh Blk Man

by Carlos F. Carter

oh blk woman, oh blk man
i understand your pain
feeling left out with nothing to gain
but more mental whippins from
white folks and ya own peeps they steady trippin
with every crack of the whip u hear
stay back blk folks and don't come near
and give up on life
give up on hope
give up on love
give into dope
give up on self
you know nothins left
give up on ya sista and ya brotha
give up on each otha
give up don't wait
give into hate

oh blk woman, oh blk man
you mustn't give into these negative demands
i know it gets rough and hard sometime but the enemy is busy,
he seeks the blind you must stay focus through your spiritual eye,
that sees eternal life in you and kisses death goodbye

just listen to the beat of the ancestral drums in your heart
it beats out a message of where to begin and how to start by saying
don't give up on sista
don't give up on ya brotha
don't give up on life
don't give up on each otha
don't give up on hope
don't give into dope
don't give up on love
do give in to guidance from above

oh blk woman, oh blk man
let's take control and all join hands
through unity we will make our stand
to free ourselves from satan's plan
that our children may flourish across this land.

Oh Blk Woman, Oh Blk Man by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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