When Massa Comes

by Carlos F. Carter

when massa comes he sho gone get it
we gone sho him how much we fed up
with his whippins
n puttin us down
defilling our women
sellin our chillun out of town

sorry massa, yo ass is ours
we gone burn yo plantations with yo ivory towers
we's gone sho you who's whipped in this  here race
whens our chillun grows up and start to erase
all i's misery from the compasion you lack
instead of breakin bread, you rather break our back

from sun up to sun down we'd work for your day
in hopes for some kindness to come from yo way
some freedom here, dignity there
no such luck
you alls just dont care
you find delight in ya schemin and plannin
but its a new day now here what we demandin

we want all that you got
we'll execpt nothin more
we want all that you took
the day you set ashore
and hearded us like cattle
we neva fought such a battle
for our freedom you see
kings and queens are who
we be

oh! when massa comes home
im gonna give him my mind
when he comes to me he gone
wish he was blind
well he already is cause he cant
see our good
always tryn to tell us things that we should
i just say "Oh!, is that so?"
but he dont know im learning to think
for myself
and to make sure i'm strong and stay in
good health
cause im breakin outa this mental abuse
im gone put my mind and body to good use
by learning how to be betta to me
and know i can become a man such as he
and to never agree that i'll never be free
our elders preach freedoms from within
its not just yo skin, we
play into that, we neva gone win

oh yeah!
when massa comes
he gone find me sumptin to behold
when he looks in my eyes he'll see my ancestors fortold
by the trees, the rocks, the moon and the winds
all that was before has come back and begins
to erase massas sin and the horror we obstained
breakin us down from the body to the brain
when massa comes home he's gotta lot to explain
oh! why should we let him remain

But ill settle for tha look on his face
the day he walks back and see a new race
of people unchained by irons and rope
but doctors and lawyers and children with hope of dreams past due that
now can come true

for with God's love we rose above all your evil and scorn
you didnt know from the graves you dug the lives that were born
to give rise to a new day and with loud shouts we say "See at last, see
at last, thank God almighty, we see at last."

When Massa Comes by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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