He Said, She Said

by Carlos F. Carter

he said he'd never hit me again
so i gave in, again
so did my head, now i'm dead
yeah, that's me lying on the floor
in a fetal position, cradled near the
bedroom door, with blood soaked hair
courtesy of a lova who said he'd care
for me until eternity, now i see.
I should've cared for me, enuff to
flee his hostility
now i'm dead here lying on the floor
i should've wanted more.
he said he'd give it to me, he did.
now i'm free.

she said she'd never cheat on me again
so i gave in, again
sadness turned into anger,
changing me into a head banger,
a "boston strangler"
yeah, i left her dead body by the bedroom door.
i'm locked up now,
with nothin to live for but nightmares in my head,
of what she said before she was dead,
"why?, i wasn't seeing any other guy!"
that's what i hear each night as i cry
on death row, now i know,
i should've trusted her a little bit mo
and got some help to get this devil to go.
I would've had a love  for an eternity,
now i see
in this cage i rule, i lived a king
but will die a fool.

He Said, She Said by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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