by Carlos F. Carter

if we are to experience
the passion for our
if love is to be seasoned
with respect and compromise
to ensure that neither one of us gets hurt
we both must do (see title)

if we are to breath again
and spend the rest of our days
till eternitys end, then,
lets summon all our courage from within
we both  must do (see title)

Cause ya see love wont come that easy
it wont flow light n' breezy
it's not easily fed you see
it needs much more than
body bumpin, agree?
oh no! loves not that easily misled
(see title)'s just not done in bed

it takes (see title) of willing hearts
to share all in truth and spirit
you'll fell a presence of personal joy
the closer you come near it

if you want to make love stick
true commitment starts with it
not only coming just from you
but commitment of us two
for three or more will never do
or (see title) with us is thru

if you still want to pursue
this relationship for two
we must be on alert
we have to do (see title)

DaWork by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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