Conversation with Myself

by Carlos F. Carter

         by Carlos F. Carter

SELF:  "You are beautiful and special in everyway."
             black n' strong as your days
              move on."

   ME:  " I AM?"

SELF:  "God smiles upon you and all the
             things you do, good or bad he's
              still your dad."

   ME:  "Really!" "He loves me despite
             what he see!"

SELF:  "In this world you can be anything
             you want to be."

   ME:  "I can?" "I control my destiny?"

SELF:  "You are positive and motivative."
            with a sense of pride and creative"

   ME:  "Am I truly whay you say?"

SELF:  "All these things you will achieve
            all I ask is that you believe."

   ME:  "In what or whom, i beg to see?"

SELF:  "then open your eyes and believe
             in me."

Conversation with Myself by Carlos F. Carter

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