(he)Comin Back

by Carlos F. Carter

he said he was goin for a loafa bread,
thats what he said, instead
he done left me with no bread
for my peanut butta sandwich
i wonda where dad went
he said he'll be comin back soon
but that was sometime yesterday noon
and i been waitin on this stoop
for him to show
mom said he wont be comin back no mo'
cause she had to throw his lazy ass out
now wonda what she talkin about


what does she know that i dont know
my dad wouldn't just hit up and go
without saying goodbye to me
his only kid, whos twelve pass three

wait! is that him that i see
comin round the corner with
loaves of bread for me
no, thats not him
its Mandys ole man
him and dad look alike
the way that they stand
comfident and strong
black and with pride
wont take no white man's mess
with a gun on his side
taught me to brush my hair
n to wash my ass
so's i can represent the family
to show we's got class
we often played  football
and shoot baskets all night
he helped  me with my homework
and would kiss me goodnite
but he's comin back
he must have got lost
along with his clothes
their no longer in doors
where he sleeps in mommys room

i know he's comin home
and it's gonna be soon
and i'll be fine and alright
as i sit with the moon
for him to kiss me goodnight
and move back in moms room

(he)Comin Back by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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