First Step

by Carlos F. Carter

My first step was taken
when i was awakened to
believing I was worthy of...JOY!

I did'nt know it was for me, you see
I was locked inside myself
I felt I was never to be set free
to be me
i later found out i was my own jailer

My mind was in chains
I had mush for brains
my self esteem on lockdown
my vioce in solitary confinement
even my beliefs let me down
so i thought
then here's what the universe brought

Someone or something whispered
to my unconscious desire for help
"I'll take nine steps towards you,
if you'll take the first step to me."
"if you'll":
step with your heart
step with your mind
step from the dark
step and you'll find
a light with clear direction
will guide you with pure protection
and setting your spirit free
to a place that's true
to a place that is you
take this step and you'll surely win
take this step and now begin
your journey forth to heavens gate
take this step to where I wait
with open arms with love and affection
take this step in my direction
this journeys up to you

Why not! I thought
this journeys bought me this far
and more
time to see what life has in store...for me
for life's not a toy
life is ment for ...."JOY!"
so take a step and explore  life's plans
explore yourself without your hands!

First Step by Carlos F. Carter

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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