Ephemeral Existence

by Robin Butts

Our consanguineous ties has been severed.
Severed from the indigenous roots that brought forth I.
Our spiritual bond is sempiternal which in turn cannot be
erased misplaced
But faced.
For they reside in the intricate parts 
of the mortal heart
Until that flesh disintegrates then it
Transmigrates on the hot winds 
Destination our eventual home.
From the womb to the tomb
From the today to the eternal tomorrow
But you left me behind and started your journey so forth
I have no choice but to face the end
The same place where I confront my very beginning 
is in essence the vessel to my very inevitable demise.
The two are simultaneous but quite diverse in itís very nature.
For I am still her
And you 
Are gone.........
Worlds between us but still coexisting...

Momma my heart no longer sings it beats
My smile is no longer simulacrum to the sun.
My mood is no longer as luminesce  as the moon.
I am walking aimlessly guided by predestined roads 
that were trampled on before me..
To where you are.. I am coming...
You gave me the cloth to mask my infinite spirit.
It was all borrowed time from the beginning....

I thank God for for this ephemeral existence shared amity amongst us. 
Mother and daughter..I cry..

Ephemeral Existence by Robin Butts

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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