Mr. Universal
(Homage to Nikki G.)

by B.J. Burgins

Peddling bicycles with my love, even though I got a convertible '56 Bel-Air waiting to be city rid, (while listening to tunes around the time Gamble and Huff ruled) yet me, myself and I is really all I dig, unless I'm sharing space with my love as she's tied up in the beauty of my face... tripped out on my ego 'cause my head's so big giving the moon inspiration to chill like me and the sun source to mellow down in the water hungry earth as I, catching irritable nats, flies and 'squitoes bare handed without being nasty, finishing my fruit cocktail as the windy breeze drops 'em at my behest cotton candy on a hot summer's day is my other lady that lives to love me- airplane gliding without leaving the ground, we drift like rare animals from town to town without worry or care, stars light our path and the milky way is the color of my hair. From 'Frisco to Maine Peru, Barbados & Spain I leave the same way as I'd came, FREE, teaching birds new songs, poets new metaphors, singers new melodies, lovers how to love, I'm neither under or above. Waterfalls moisten for my delights, lions, tigers, bears, panthers & others guard me to give our enemies fright- peacocks color themselves from my aura's glare and strut a little more in dedication of my flawless stare- I jump trains and buses ticketless without a care, sip wine via Cognac, France's vineyards whenever I choose to go there, lay back on beaches and smile a simple smile to make the tide come in and hug me for as long as it needs to gain satisfactory before it turns back in. For a woman's voice I like I make gold, spin silver into diamonds to make her talk more- Me, Myself & I is all I Dig unless I'm out with Cotton Candy on a hot summer's day or peddling bicycles in the company of my true love, never questioning my being and the way it lives, tripped out on my ego 'cause my head's so big.

Mr. Universal (Homage to Nikki G.) by B.J. Burgins

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