Black Queen In Black Gown

by B.J. Burgins

I dream of beauties that look like you, portrait worthy. Satin gown, evening gloves with a glistening rock covering a lovely finger, bracelet dawning a graceful wrist 1920s style, check you out in an oval frame Victorian period worthy, I look at the face and wish to know thine story. If a beauty like such could be had, I'd ask questions of intrigue and if granted, learn how thee works in all forms and pleasures as well as desires I look at the canvas and realize I can't give a stroke, brush in everlasting turmoil cause my expertise can't do justice towards you, body stiffly on fire. Beauties I dream of are close but can't compare, I awake gaze and stare even after remembering their faces, yet searching the cloudy sun draped room for you, black beauty awaiting in pose in a long dark gown.

Black Queen In Black Gown by B.J. Burgins

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