No Subject, No Write

by Gregory W. Bryant

As I sit at my desk with pen in hand.
I contemplate the many subjects at
my disposal to put down on paper. 
There are current events.
There are past events.
There are even future events.
What if there were no events or subjects to write about?
No sniper stories.
No exploits of the rich and famous stories.
No “I have a dream” stories.
No slavery or civil war stories.
No Nat Turner or Fredrick Douglas stories.
No how I got over stories.
No how do I love thee type of stories.
Now, what would a writer do?
Would I articulate and convey stories of Nothingness.  
What would you do if you opened your daily newspaper to blank pages?
How about your favorite magazine having scribble scrabble as its text?
What if there were no subjects or events?
Would that be a sign of no war but peace?
Would that mean we have assimilated 
into one culture with like thoughts and beliefs?  
Where would the joy, pain and excitement be in a world without subjects?  
So, give me my subjects to write about.  
Don’t take away my pen and paper.  
Don’t strip me of my God given talent to write.  
For if there is no subject there is no write. 

No Subject, No Write by Gregory W. Bryant

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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