This Face I'm In

by Poe_t

This face I'm in,
a constant reminder of the struggle.
I notice your discontent
and I feel your disrespect
when you see me.
I'm a symbol of existence.
There is strength in my presence,
goals in my life,
and power in my intelligence. 
The unknown voice is constantly shouting,
"I'm here", to remind you that I'm not leaving.
Age old wisdoms,
and "things that momma said"
keep silent mistakes 
from developing into lifelong pity.
You continue to take one day at a time
and I'll continue making every second count.
This face I'm in,
is viewed,
then left to fail.
But failure is an delusion
with no cure or control.
Life is a reminder,
and a chance to make positive changes.
Bring me to the table,
I'm guaranteed to deliver.
This face I'm in
screams for justice,
deflects hate,
challenges the unknown enemy,
and defeats misery.
It's shaped to wear the burdens of the world.
It's countenance casts a uncontrollable spell.
Stare into it
and behold the history.
Pain exist behind the windows
of the soul,
but a smile cures all
as tears wash away tribulation.
It's tone welcomes many races,
celebrate continuity,
and humbles.
This face I'm in
accepts nothing 
without proof.
It's friendly
and forgiving.
There's honor 
and courage within it's silhouette.
It glows with excitement,
and blushes in shame.
Anger either reddens 
or distorts as a warning
to it's victim.
When you see me,
ignore all prejudice,
dismiss all preconceived notions, 
and remember
I am
and will always be
more than
the face I'm in.

This Face I'm In by Poe_t

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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