Never The Fool...Not Me

by Timothy Lamar Bronson

Careful now,
there must be some mistake.
You obviously have me confused 
with someone else.
I may not be the man 
you suspected me to be,
but I'm definitely not
the fool you trying to make me.
Somewhere in this existence
I'm someone's son,
someone's brother,
someone's uncle,
someone's friend,
I may even be
someone's man.
But I'll never be 
that fool
you tried to make me.
I'm a true force,
never to be ignored
or doubted.
I'm smiling in the face of adversity,
burning the candles at both ends 
and daring a drop to fall.
I'm landing feet first,
questioning shadows,
and counting my continuous blessings.
But never the fool....not me.
Don't take my kindness for weakness,
or my weakness for ignorance.
I'm sending a message
and being heard.
Understanding is optional.
I've retraced my steps 
and erase my errors.
I've calmly accepted 
the inevidable,
and hidden all discontent.
I may be marked less than,
label unfairly,
judged harshly,
and even discriminated.
I can be the winner,
the loser,
the Christian,
the rebel,
the pacifist,
the liar,
even the poet,  
but never the fool...not me.

Never The Fool...Not Me by Timothy Lamar Bronson

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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