Journey (Part 3)/Free At Last

by TL Bronson

I awaken.
My soul has calmed.
This vessel no longer rocks me.
My turmoil has become contentment.
The stench of this vessel, my brethren, 
and myself
has been replaced.
The aroma of freedom
invades my nostrils.
My vision is clear.
The darkness is no longer a threat.
I raise my renewed body up
and shout to my people,
"We Free!"
No one stirs
or answers.
I'm surely not alone,
or am I?
As I stand,
the tear stained shackles remain beneath me.
I slowly gaze downward
at the sleeping angel at my feet.
I kneel,
cradle him in my arms,
and weep.
I weep not for his death
but for his final victory,
his freedom.
With a kiss to my brow,
and a hand to my heart,
I realize
my journey has ended.
I stand, shout, and sing
I rise above this vessel,
away from the evil.
I shout blessings to my struggling people,
and then I journey,
to my everlasting freedom.

Journey (Part 3)/Free At Last by TL Bronson

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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