Do It For You

by Poe_T

You confuse me.
In one moment
you excite,
inspire, and give life
to living,
the next,
you crush hope,
and devour
any chance
of finding love.
You nurture,
comfort those around you,
and constantly
offer a shoulder
for others to lean on.
But you never allow
You build walls,
and shelter yourself
in a box of loneliness.
You can be
the life of the party,
and then,
you let joy
come crashing to the earth
with nowhere to land.
You build a bridge of friendship,
but won't allow others to cross
to your side.
You let opportunities
pass you by
as you redirect them
into the arms
of other seekers.
You share tears and smiles
for friendless souls
and dedicate a face
barren of emotions
for yourself.
You deserve the life
you provide.
Escape the box of loneliness,
and allow the walls of isolation
to fall and never restructure.
Accept opportunities,
smile for yourself,
and build bridges
to connect and exist
with others.
No one deserves
the empty solitude
that life can produce.
and find enjoyment
in the life you bring.
Weather the storms
and gather some sunshine
for self.
Then share it.
You can't be hope
for others,
until you experience
the warmth it brings
within you.

Do It For You by Poe_T

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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