Bad Day

by Timothy Lamar Bronson

never finding.
never holding.
never happy.
Pathetic endings approaching
with the swiftness of life.
Calmness becomes the enemy.
Broken promises and neglect
beckon from the forbidden past.
Fire burns the wounds
on the heart 
left by verbal arsonists.
Hate, disrespect,
and cold bloodied violators
offer the hand of fellowship.
The hand of innocence is extended
then quickly withdrawn.
Pain patronages life,
and it refuses to continue. 
The mad man threatens.
He emerges,
to show he still exists,
and is forever active.
Inner boilings accept 
no degree of kindness.
Madness and sin gamble
for the highest position.
neither one will win.
Emotional turmoil
lashes out with 
unspeakable violence.
Compassion watches in tears 
as sympathy is beaten close to death.
Noise of destruction 
escapes the mind,
and shatters reality.
Love strikes,
and drowns in it's own blood.
Laughter screams in pain,
and is tortured by internal hell.
God has had enough.
His omnipotence emerges,
and rescues hope.
this bad day is over,
until tomorrow. 

Bad Day by Timothy Lamar Bronson

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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