I Was Just Thinking About You

by Rarae Avis

It started with a call Just a thought of you Been running across my mind For a time or two I start to reminisce On times past Wondering where they went Why they didnít last Thought about your smile Visualized your style Thought about the way you touched me Drove me wild Somehow Youíve been on my mind All the while Where did it go? The feeling I held, Yearned for Wanted more It was you I adored But before I decided to explore The possibility Of this endlessly Running thought I thought About you, truly And what you did to me And how we were better off Where we started Departed For the better Even though you made me wetter Than tsunami rains And it pains That I canít sustain This feeling Because Am I willing To go through the past Over again If I did Where would I begin? And would you ever end The sin That subjected us To the position Weíre in But you just ran across my mind A couple times or two But then reality set in And to my sensation I bid adieu

I Was Just Thinking About Youby Rarae Avis

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