by Rarae Avis

When you arrived my heart never Knew such elation Didnít really know how to thank God Show my true gratification You were my revelation Opened my eyes to see a new part of me Was I ready? Looked to myself with much interrogation But I knew you were here for a purpose One I still have yet to discover But youíre so much apart of me, There could never be another I love you with a love that surpasses Our daily hugs Kisses and words No way to describe it There has yet to be a verb But know that you have made me a better me Seeing things through you Now my vision of life Gains clarity How I must be there to help you through Because only if you knew How much youíve alleviated my pain And the times when it rained You were there smiling I had to remain Strong Carry on And keep on going Soon to forget the hurt that swelled But for you my head I held Exalted And thru you I grew The moment I first saw your face I knew God sent me this angel to watch nourish, A treasure Iíll never let go And because of this Little sister Iíll never let you go

Courtiniby Rarae Avis

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