Rhapsody - For Bethany

by Bradford J. Howard

I want to play a rhapsody
on the keys that make your heart
I want to sing the song
that makes you weak in the knees
I want us to
make beautiful music together
Even when you leave, 
you will be in my heart forever

I sometimes think about 
what we have been through
and what always comes to mind
is I was always with you
Every day I did not get
graced by the smile on your face
was a day I thought of you
and the memory fell into place

I want to work so hard
to be that man by your side
I want to make it my job
to keep you happy at all times
I used to think
maybe you meant something
But now I know
I have to have you with me

>From the moment
your eyes met mine,
I was caught off guard 
You stole my heart
And that smile brought light
into my once dark life
And now I realize
I have to have you with me

I cannot explain
what you cause within me
It is like the sun that rises
and yet it touches me deep
Like a cool summer rain
on a hot summer day
You quench my thirst
for that something I have been seeking

The moment we first hugged,
I wanted to stay that way forever
I await our first kiss,
the one that will open your eyes
I wish you
felt the same way that I do
You are the picture of the person
I need in my life

Ebony eyes that seize me
and that smile that breathes within me
And your hair that 
smells ever so sweet
Hands that melt when I hold them
Lives you touched and brightened them
You are my living battle hymn
You are all I need to survive

I want to play a rhapsody
in those eyes that freeze me
I want you to sing the words
that make a song of my melody
I want you to make 
that beautiful music with me
You are my rhapsody 
that I cannot stop loving

Rhapsody - For Bethany by Bradford J. Howard

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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