All That I Can See

by Bradford J. Howard

I ainít been on earth long enough
To know love
But I do know my heart is sensitive
To your touch
All it takes is one look
In my direction
And all I get from holding back
Is resurrected affection

Too many times I was caught alone
Squirming in a corner to your song
Letting the melody envelope me
Standing by staring through a naked eye
Wishing deep inside that you were mine
And all that I can see

All that I can see
Is two beautiful eyes staring into mine
And then they turn away, 
But they leave a smile from heaven behind
All that I can see is someone
More radiant than radiant
Yet I can never say anything

When you get near me,
Thereís like a shifting in my knees
And my heart beats like a love song
We were once the best of friends,
Then I began to want to be your man
Maybe thatís where I went wrong

I probably should have said something
About all of that joy you bring
To my very soul
I donít know why my lips wouldnít part
Whenever I tried to open up my heart
I never wanted to end up alone

All that I can see is pictures
Of you and I around my empty room
And when I saw you as a bride,
It is painful knowing Iíll never be your groom
I should have spoken then
Now I must forever hold my peace
All I see now is someone by your side
And I wish that someone was me

All That I Can See by Bradford J. Howard

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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