by SBoyson

fifteen minuets is a lifetime 
if you're drowning.. 
or left standing at the altar.. 
it's never your fault in a case like that. 
but it's not nearly enough on Wednesday's. 
damn what the sign says.. 
I can't walk with my laces undone 
and the piercing sound of coins keys 
and chains being detected 
goes unnoticed cause.. 
they see this shit everyday 
and know we don't wanna stay
so we cooperate. 
I move past people with empty hearts 
and scarred hands going in the opposite direction. 
hearts filled with lead.. 
thinking of things they should have said. 
I soon find out why it's called institutional cleaner 
and why they fight to slosh it around.. 
you see.. some won't get use to this stench 
and can't keep a ready made scowl in their back pocket. 
funny thing though.. some move their mountains 
by digging at the base, which don't make no sense cause the mountain ends up falling on top of you. 
while others climb their mountains and use those sore hands and determined minds 
to know what stones to remove to lower their mountains. 
I visit the former.. on Wednesday's.

Wednesday's by SBoyson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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