How Do You See Me?

by Stanley Boyson

With great difficulty I was brought into this
            world. Sorry it hurt so much do
            you see me?
            I see you with love.

            I was slow to walk and fell many times, but
            pops you were always there to help me
   do you see me?
            I see you with patience.

            You let me ride your bike all day yesterday
            yet I wouldnít let you use my glove. as a
            friend... how do you see me?
            I see you can disappoint me.

I made $25 dollars cutting lawns today. I'll
            split it with you lil bro just for keeping me
   do you see me?
            You've learned how to give.

            The grade on my physics final came as a
            surprise to you. I missed 4 assignments yet it
            went from a C to an do you see me?
            I see you can be dishonest.

            You told me to be home by 11, but mama the
            party wasnít over until 2. Stop treating me
            like a do you see me?
            You are disobedient and defiant...time to go

            Got a job today. I need my independence and
            my own space. The clashes are affecting the
            whole do you all see me?
            I see you becoming a man.

Rushed out of the apartment to get to the
            store before it closed. Its cold, collar up,
            hat down, police stop do you see me?
            Hands against the wall you black muthaf..ka,
you fit the description of a purse-snatcher.

        Two more calls where the caller hangs up.
            Things you didnít and I wouldnít buy for
            myself hang in the do you see me?
            I see you didnít take our vows seriously.

            The interview went very well or so I thought.
            I have all the qualifications, im the right
            man for the do you see me?
            Sorry, but that job has been filled.

            My crown is peppered, my ARP card expired.
            The spring and bounce are gone so I rely on
            wisdom and experience do you see me?
            I see you getting old.

            My life, and accomplishments are lauded by
            family and friends, but not to applauses. I
            recognize Amazing Grace playing softly in the
   do you see me?
            We only see you in our hearts and photos now.

            From cradle to crave I am who I am. No one
            pair of eyes sees me the same way.
            Believing is my strenght to endure the eyes
            that donít see me and affirmation for those
            who do you see me?
I see you the way others do.

How Do You See Me? by Stanley Boyson

© Copyright 1989. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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