by Nathaniel Booker

I wonder where the love has gone,
and is there any left?
I wonder where the laughter went,
it haunts my every breath.
I wonder where the children are,
there toys are strewn about.
I wonder where the confidence is,
for my heart is filled with doubt.
I can't begin to express to you,
the deepening pain inside my heart,
for we've grown so selfish, we're so undeserving,
of the love that God imparts.
I wonder where we'll be one day,
when the gold comes to an end,
when the water recedes, but mankind still bleeds,
will the “Saints Go Marching In”?
I wonder about the elderly,
left alone to die,
and why those supposed to care for them
deny all blame and now cry out, “Why?”
I wonder all these things,
and I wonder about myself.
I wonder what I can do to help,
or am I no different than anyone else?
I wonder where the flowers are,
there’s too much water for them to bloom,
the birds aren't singing, the silence is ringing
and it’s the sound of impending doom.
I wonder what we'll do,
now that our mortality we're forced to face,
will we grow and change and stop acting deranged,
or will we spiral into chaotic disgrace?
I wonder if you’re wondering too,
“Will we be blessed with more joyous scenes?”
Or will every picture bring back to memory,
the tragedy of New Orleans?
I Wonder

Wondering by Nathaniel Booker

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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