Ramen Noodles and Bread

by Nathaniel A. Booker, SR

Mm, the holidays are upon us again,
just like this time last year,
there’s the buzz in the air of a different mood
and just about everyone’s filled with cheer . . .
And as we all sit down to feast
on the meals prepared with affection,
I want to tell you about a family with nothing
unless you count hunger pains and dejection. . . .
There’s a father and mother who work very hard,
trying to get ahead,
but the ends seldom meet and there’s little to eat,
save for Ramen noodles and bread.
They have (3) three little children, 
two girls and one boy,
they're happy and healthy and they all play together,
their favorite game is, “Wish for toys”
They don't have stockings by the fire place
waiting for an imaginary man to fill them,
they barely have socks upon their feet,
but they have love from their parents to fill them.
Their isn't a Christmas tree under which to place gifts,
they've never actually seen one.
They don't have a chimney, or even a roof,
as they live in a shelter, I've seen them.
When Thanksgiving comes they sit at their table,
the same as you and I,
but there’s no turkey to serve, nor dressing to dine on,
nor greens, nor cakes or pies . . .
Their table is empty, the serving dish too, the cups,
the bowls and platters.
Their pantry is nearly bare but if you visit they'll gladly share,
Except the holiday aroma that fills their heads. . . 
Is Ramen Noodles and bread
Yet they never complain and they're all filled with joy,
mother and father, two girls and one boy.
Filled with Holiday spirit? No, Holy spirit!
It’s not confined by rhyme or reason,
and it’s not defined by the notion that the giving of gifts,
is the purpose of Christmas this season.
What they have may be meager,
and you may say “that’s not wealth”
but what you might say is trash 
may very well be a treasure to someone else.
So this holiday season, when your shopping is done
and you sit down to chow down and feed  #1,
When the turkey and ham are both carved to perfection
and you can't seem to decide on the culinary selections,
when the macaroni and cheese are piled on your plate,
and you go back for seconds though you know you should wait,
take a minute to think and if it’s possible, take two,
and just think of a way to help someone less fortunate than you.
I'm sure you can do it if you just use your head . . .
Because we may all be a meal away from. . .
Ramen noodles and bread.
By: Nathaniel A. Booker, SR

Copyright © 2004 Nathaniel Booker

Ramen Noodles and Bread by Nathaniel A. Booker, SR "Genius under Construction"

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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